You know when it storms, rain pouring down and it seems like the storm is never-ending? Ever wonder where all that water goes? Does it all just evaporate? Sometimes it does, which is beneficial for the planet, but unfortunately, some of the water from rainfall doesn’t evaporate, it actually harms nearby ecosystems when left untreated.

Depending on where the rain falls, it can soak right into the ground. However, when the water falls on...

Soapbox Express Carwash

Are you becoming more conscious of your impact on the environment and our planet? Are you taking the extra mile to create less plastic waste, reuse paper, and reduce your energy usage? If so, that’s great! But did you know that you can do way more by making a few adjustments to your water usage?

Every day we use gallons of water for basic tasks without realizing it. We use water to shower/bathe, to prepare food, to brush our teeth and...


Your car can be one of the most significant investments you make in your life. You use it every day for work, school, errands and everything in between. Just like any other important asset, it’s crucial to maintain regular upkeep of your car with oil changes, tire rotation, and overall cleanliness (inside and out).

When you start the process of cleaning your car, it’s easy to think that washing your car at home with a bucket or two and...