Soapbox Express Carwash

Fast, Clean and Green!

Are you becoming more conscious of your impact on the environment and our planet? Are you taking the extra mile to create less plastic waste, reuse paper, and reduce your energy usage? If so, that’s great! But did you know that you can do way more by making a few adjustments to your water usage?

Every day we use gallons of water for basic tasks without realizing it. We use water to shower/bathe, to prepare food, to brush our teeth and so much more. But when it comes to washing larger items such as our cars, a large amount of water can be wasted and contaminated.

At Soapbox Carwash, we use a special water reclaim system that allows us to use up 75% recycled water for the car washes! When a car is washed here at Soapbox Carwash, the water travels to a drain which purifies and separates any gunk/debris or contamination from the water. The water then goes through a purifier and released into a holding tank, which allows it to be used to wash another car. You learn more about the process here.

This process allows us to reuse water from previous wash cycles, without compromising the quality of the water. With the reclaim water system, we are able to make your car look brand new without making a severely negative impact on our planet! When you bring your car into Soapbox, you won’t have to hesitate or worry about harming the planet, or overuse of water. We have everything taken care of!

Stop by Soapbox Carwash today to experience our water saving system firsthand! We promise you won’t be disappointed! Get Directions.