Go Green and Get Clean at Soapbox Express Carwash!

You know when it storms, rain pouring down and it seems like the storm is never-ending? Ever wonder where all that water goes? Does it all just evaporate? Sometimes it does, which is beneficial for the planet, but unfortunately, some of the water from rainfall doesn’t evaporate, it actually harms nearby ecosystems when left untreated.

Depending on where the rain falls, it can soak right into the ground. However, when the water falls on driveways, rooftops, and other paved surfaces, it can collect and pick up pollutants such as bacteria, trash, oil, and more. Eventually, that water slides into bodies of water such as lakes, rivers and contaminates the aquatic life and surrounding ecosystems.

Untreated runoff stormwater can harm the quality of the water that we use for everyday living, harm the homes of fish and aquatic life, and leave an overall dirty smell/look.

So how can we prevent that water from contaminating the soil and other life? With the help of the Jellyfish filter, pollutants like trash and oil are removed from the runoff stormwater.

At Soapbox Carwash, we have gone the extra mile to make sure we are preventing harm to the planet by implementing the Jellyfish Filter within our facility. This allows us to keep 99% of all the pollutants such as trash/debris, nitrogen, etc., from going back into the soil and prevent damage to surrounding ecosystems.

We understand how rainy it can get here in Round Rock especially during the spring and summer months. Being an environment-friendly carwash is one of our top priorities, and we make several strides to protect planet Earth. You can learn more about our environmental impact here.

Almost all the water we use here at Soapbox Express Carwash is accounted for and is our mission to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Stop by today and experience the planet-saving carwash for yourself! Get Directions.